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What’s hub bolt?

Hub bolts are high-strength bolts that connect vehicles to the wheels. The connection location is the hub unit bearing of the wheel! Generally, class 10.9 is used for mini-medium vehicles, class 12.9 is used for large-sized vehicles! The structure of the hub bolt is generally a knurled key file and a threaded file! And a hat head! Most of the T-shaped head wheel bolts are above 8.8 grade, which bears the large torsion connection between the car wheel and the axle! Most of the double-headed wheel bolts are above grade 4.8, which bear the lighter torsion connection between the outer wheel hub shell and the tire.

Our Hub bolt quality standard

10.9 hub bolt
tensile strength: ≥ 1140MPa
Ultimate Tensile Load: ≥ 346000N
Chemical Composition: C:0.37-0.44 Si:0.17-0.37 Mn:0.50-0.80 Cr:0.80-1.10
12.9 hub bolt
tensile strength: ≥ 1320MPa
Ultimate Tensile Load: ≥406000N
Chemical Composition: C:0.32-0.40 Si:0.17-0.37 Mn:0.40-0.70 Cr:0.15-0.25


Diameter, Pitch, Inner Length/Length


Diameter, Smallest Width, Height

Loose Hub Bolts Driving You Nuts?

Every CJ (wagons and early trucks, too) has the capability of accepting locking hubs. Even if yours has solid drivers installed on the front axle, you can install locking hubs. Jeep used bolts to retain the locking hubs to the axle. These bolts often loosen (especially with a locked frontend) and allow contaminants into the wheel bearings. Since the locking hubs are the components that connect the axleshafts to the wheels, any slop in the connection will wallow out the bolt holes in the hubs, break bolts, and usually cause the hub to explode if not caught in time.

Some Jeeps have bolt retainers that are bent around the bolt heads to keep them from loosening, but these are sometimes a pain and should be replaced after each use. Lock washers only provide marginal insurance against hub-bolt loosening. The real answer is studs. Warn offers a stud kit that fits all CJs and early Jeeps. The later and weaker five-bolt locking hubs can really benefit from stud installation. Our CJ has the earlier six-bolt hubs, but installation is the same for either. Check out the captions to make studs out of your Jeep’s hubs.

Post time: Aug-19-2022